But what’s it about?

The question that invariably follows when you mention you're working on a book..."but what's it about?" It's hard to distill a nearly 500 page manuscript (over 100,000 words!) down to a sound bite. But it's something writers need to be able to do. In a nutshell, I have always wondered about the Chosen One trope. … Continue reading But what’s it about?



This year is almost over. Like so many, there were ups and down. Things have been rough in my day job, with a lot of uncertainty. But that's not the big takeaway. For me, that is this: I am a writer. I am a writer. Plain and simple. After working at my craft for years, … Continue reading Reflections


2020 has been a really mixed bag for everyone. The one thing I've noticed it that it's given me new awareness of how important creativity is. Imagination and stories are helping us to explore options, see what the future could be (good and bad), and helping us to grapple with the big questions. I've been … Continue reading Visions

The Future IS Change…Or, Not More Of The Same

Recently, a number of events have convinced me that speculative fiction writers must embrace change, no matter how painful. Change is inevitable, and it's foolish to act as if everything is set in stone. Indeed, if we are to be true to ourselves as speculative fiction (SF/fantasy) writers, we NEED to ask the perennial question … Continue reading The Future IS Change…Or, Not More Of The Same