2020 has been a really mixed bag for everyone. The one thing I’ve noticed it that it’s given me new awareness of how important creativity is. Imagination and stories are helping us to explore options, see what the future could be (good and bad), and helping us to grapple with the big questions.

I’ve been working on my fiction writing. No, I wasn’t shamed into it by the Shakespeare meme floating around. There were days of staring at the screen, wondering what to say or what to work on. And there were my clients’ projects, which were wonderful. I could focus on helping others, getting their stories out into the world. And my clients thanked me profusely as they read through their manuscripts, which were now more in line with their original vision.

I love shepherding books, helping their authors bring their visions to life. I had a small breakthrough with my own work this week, and finally saw how to get a stronger opening. I don’t have my all important hook yet, but it’s coming. I trust the process and my own creativity.

If you’ve got something burning inside of you, that can’t wait, let it out. Write the story. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wild, glorious mess on the page as a first draft. Editing is where the next magic truly happens. And if I can help with that, let me know.


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