Moving to the Starting Line

I attended a workshop this past weekend. I saw three agents. One saw my first 3k words, one saw the query letter (that sells your book to them), and one saw my first page. Writing is solitary and the chance to interact with other writers is important on many levels. Overall, everyone had small things to point out. Yay!

This means I’m getting closer to a decent manuscript. Which means that it’s getting closer to the starting line. Writing isn’t enough, it’s also about selling it. At the end of the day, books are products, meant to be consumed. Like cookies. Mmmm….cookies. But I digress.

This was very much a business event this time. The agent who saw my query did not only suggest how to make it sing, but also gave me a permission slip. That no book is perfect, and they have industry people for that. Once I’m done with this pass, his advice was to query. Gulp. Okay, then.

Querying is the first step. Getting an agent is not easy, but it’s the start of the race. I’m nervous. It can be anywhere from 1 to 100 queries before an agent wants to talk to you, let alone sign you.

But I’m doing the work. Editing continues on Fortunes of War. Once it’s done, out go those query letters. Which means I’ll be able to start on the next book that’s nagging at me. Huzzah!

On to the starting line!