Newsletter Launch!

First, a big thanks to all my supportive friends! Here’s my first ever author newsletter. Couldn’t have done it without you! Don’t forget to add to your safe list so you don’t miss a single issue! 

Summer’s just about over already, and what a busy season it was. Virtually, over the last several months, I’ve attended Cat Rambo’s Short Story Workshop, and “geeked out” at the Nebula Awards, ReCONvene, and DragonCon. Learning about new books means my to be read pile keeps growing!

As for writing, I’m finishing up some short stories. First is “Sand Speaks.” A stand-alone tale, it features my Guildmaster, Commander Merek, as a much younger man. It should be out on the rounds to professional markets by November. I’m also editing several other short stories. They’re all based on my novel world, which is influenced by Ancient Rome, Heian Japan, pre-Islamic Arabia, and Norse/Celtic cultures.

And so, I couldn’t resist a “Celtic Fling!” That was the theme of this year’s virtual BreyerFest. I’d been away for years but am back in the hobby! (Fun fact: my grandmother, my mother and I all worked in the same local toy store over the years, so don’t be surprised to see some vintage and new toys/collectibles appear in these missives!)

Horses and history have always been passions and inspire much of my writing. Here’s my vintage Bay Running Stallion. For me, he’s a representation of Commander Merek’s steed in Fortunes of War, my Guild novel under construction. I haven’t found all my characters’ horses yet in model form, but it’s a fun quest!

But as wonderful as this valiant steed is, I don’t have a name for him yet! (Neither did Reepicheep, one of the Benevolent Feline Overlords.) Send me an email with “Name Merek’s Steed” in the subject line to and be sure to put the name in the email. Send this by 9/30/20 at 11:59 PM EST and you’ll be entered. The winner will be announced in the October newsletter, and will win a Breyer 70th Anniversary Stablemate! (Winner gets to choose from the Gypsy Vanner, Croi, or Fell Pony, and they’re all stunning!) 

[NOTE: If you’re reading this on the blog and enter, you’ll be subscribed to the October issue.]

Thanks for reading! October is my birthday, so there will be another contest to celebrate. (I’ve even ordered the prize already.) Next month, we’ll discuss gladiators! Sharpen your swords!

Until next time,

Diana Davis–Speculative Fiction With An Edge

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