I am so happy. December 5th, 2016 is a special day—it was the day I first had a short story published! “Satyrday Night Special” is live at Teleport Magazine. It feels good to have a publication credit to my name. Dreams do come true!

I began writing in 2013 to make reality palatable—hiding in my fantasy worlds while a lot of things were going wrong made it easier to cope. Fortunately, things began to turn around, and when they did, I continued to write.

When I went to Taos Toolbox in 2015, I was still writing for me, at my kitchen table. (By the way, if you want to be a fantasy writer, you should apply to Taos Toolbox—now. George R.R. Martin will be a special guest. And so will Steven Gould, who was at Viable Paradise, and a great teacher and writer! And E.M. Tippets has a wealth of information to offer as well!)

It wasn’t until meeting the other writers at Taos and listening to Walter Jon Williams and Nancy Kress discuss writing both as a craft AND as a career, that it dawned on me that it could be something more than a solitary hobby.

So, applying for Viable Paradise, I had a bit more knowledge than before, and a drive to see some of my work out there. I came back from Viable Paradise with new insights which have begun to inform my drafts.

And now, a year and a half after Taos Toolbox, I can say, a little shyly, a little proudly, “I’m published!”

It’s so wonderful to release something into the world and not have it simply sitting on my hard drive. So, without further ado, my story is live at Teleport Magazine and here is the link:

And if you want to apply for Taos Toolbox, here’s the link:


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