Post Paradise (Viable, that is)

Viable Paradise (VP) was affirming, life-changing, leveling up, and all sorts of good stuff. I can say that despite sleep deprivation.

If you are an aspiring fantasy or sci-fi writer, apply!

I made new friends, and it was fantastic. We’re all on this crazy and wonderful journey together. I’ve always thought writers should help and support one another, which was affirmed at VP. Especially since only about 30% of readers will like your work on average (and that’s on the high side). So, there’s plenty of readers who will read many works. Plenty of room for all in the sandbox.

I did not get much sleep. 4-5 hours was the norm. On the plus side, everyone was so wonderful, you didn’t mind as much as normal life. The muse woke up and she wouldn’t stop speaking to me about so many things. I wrote notes. We’re on the same page even more now, especially since I’ve slept.

My differences are my strengths, both professionally and academically, even in an MFA program. It’s okay to be a fantasy writer and I’ve embraced it.

Things I Took Away:

  1. I am a writer! Really and truly. This is not a hobby.
  2. I am a visual writer, which is why the movies run in my head while I write.
  3. Get exposition in the right place, and the movie will run in the reader’s head. *woot*
  4. Submit until Hell won’t have it!




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