Dreams, Deadlines and Diplomas….

Piles of papers vie for my attention right now. Digital files also compete on any given day. Some are for the day job, some are for graduate school work and the novel.

Four and a half weeks from now, I pick up my regalia. Five weeks out, I go to the Futurescapes workshop. In six and a half weeks, my creative thesis goes to the MFA committee and I am to be inducted into the honors society, Sigma Tau Delta. Ten weeks out, I put on the regalia and walk. Wow. It seems surreal and far away at the moment, but I suspect on April 1st, it will get very, very real.

Spring break proceeds apace at two of the three schools I teach at, so this entire next week or so is all about getting stuff done to not only stay afloat, but hopefully get ahead.

Whatever you’re working on, may all your dreams come true!




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