Paradise Gained

Carpe sagmarius! (Seize the summer!) That’s been the motto for my writing life. A lot of editing and submitting have come out of it.

And it’s been worth it. Paradise has been gained! And by that, I mean Viable Paradise XX. Viable Paradise, that one week in October where two dozen hand picked hopefuls gather to learn craft from some very talented people. An entire week of science fiction and fantasy in Martha’s Vineyard. And considering that it kicks off a week and a half after a major birthday ending in zero, added bonus!

I won’t lie. I was cautious in my hopes when I sent the application in. What did they want? Who knew what great stories were in their stack of applicants? It’s going to be an exciting week! And thanks to Taos Toolbox last year, I’ve at least got an idea that I need to pack coffee. And other sources of caffeine. Oh, and sugar.

Meanwhile, to hold me over, two MFA classes start on Tuesday. One is a face to face workshop that meets most of July. The other is online and runs until nearly mid-August. And it’s not all fiction writing. Challenge is good! As of December, with the schedule, I’ll be over a third of the way toward completion of the degree.

Viable Paradise will be a nice little oasis for the fall. Between teaching and taking classes, having that time away at VP will be a chance to hone my skills in a different way. It should be amazing. (Probably exhausting, too.) Carpe sagmarius! Carpe diem!







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