Taos Toolbox Post-Mortem

My suitcase is unpacked, life is beginning to return to something approaching a normal rhythm, and yet things feel strange. My head is crammed full of new knowledge. If you’re serious about writing, I cannot say enough good things about Toolbox.

What I took away from Toolbox:

1. Writing is a job, a career, a profession. I understood this in an abstract fashion. It is concrete now.

2. My writing routine and plotting skills are solid.

3. I was encouraged to apply for another audition only writing workshop for Summer 2016. I will be doing that.

4. I write commercial fiction, not literary. And that’s okay. What a relief to be able to say that!

There’s more, but my head is still spinning. That might go into another post after I work it all out. I am sorry for the long delay but I had my hands full with Toolbox. I hope you’re having a great summer and enjoying the lovely weather!


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