Halfway There

First of all, for those of you who read my blog, let me start by saying I’m sorry for the unexpected hiatus. My WIP and real-world concerns pre-empted my blogging time. I cannot believe the year is halfway over. That Taos Toolbox is nearly here. I need get back on track for blogging! It’s good practice to keep the writing flowing when I don’t want to write.

Hard to believe the year is halfway over. What a year it’s been. I’ve been getting on track with my guide word for the year, which is professional. I have attended a number of pedagogy workshops for my real-life teaching job. I also did not go into the one MFA program (not even registered for a class), because I didn’t get funding and had a bad feeling. Well, I’m pleased to announce I now am an MFA candidate with funding! So, I’m moving forward in my prospects for my day job by pursuing a terminal degree.

Now I have plans to move toward trying to sell some thing. Time to revisit old work and see what I can do with my new perspective to edit it into something salable. I’ve never really submitted anything before, I was too scared. But, I think it’s time to try to go pro.

Halfway there–and ready to try to go the rest of the way toward being a writing professional!




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