Lighten Up!

Lightening the load…that’s gotten to be the theme of my existence these last two years. I made more inroads in that goal today. I am getting tired of dealing with stuff, honestly.

Altogether, since my spouse has gone to the out of state storage unit (long story, that), we’ve gotten rid of 5 bins of books, 3 large bags of clothing, and 2 boxes of assorted stuff in the last two weeks. All that remains now is one large bin to sort through, and one box.

In addition, there’s now two boxes of eBay fodder to post. There’s still one more trip in our future to close the storage unit. That will happen soon. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things ARE progressing.

Tomorrow I need to stop and get one more under the bed bin and pack up some summer clothes. Then I will try to go through items again and ready another load for purging out of the stuff I initially thought to save. I honestly am finding myself wanting to really scale back.

Especially since I’ve promised myself something if I succeed: bringing my desk back on that final trip and setting it up in place of the remaining bins and boxes that have to go!


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