Happy New…July?

For most people, New Year’s doesn’t start until January. As an educator, September feels like a new year. Somehow, though, I’ve got a third beginning: July.

Let me explain. July 2013, faced with great difficulties, after a very long hiatus, I returned to writing. July 2015, my hard work paid off and I traveled to Taos Toolbox in New Mexico, where I learned more about writing. July 2017, I met an editor from DAW Books, who encouraged me to write the epic military fantasy I’ve been thinking about since high school. I’m now on the second draft.

Which brings us to July 2019. After a four year germination and revision period, I sent out a short story to a SFWA market. I tend to struggle with shorter forms. But I’ve leveled up. Those who read the edited piece said it was excellent. If the market rejects it, I’ll send it elsewhere. Meanwhile, I can diagnose where another short story is not working with the knowledge I’ve gained. A second short story in progress will no doubt be better as I write it if I can incorporate the new insight along the way, and of course, at the editing stage.

So, wishing you a Happy New…July! May you find new things to appreciate and enjoy!


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