More Changes

Welcome to the new site! My trade name, Writing Mercenary, is now registered, the tax forms are submitted, and the goal is to open for business February 1!

My services will include editing for individuals and companies. That will include fiction and non-fiction. I’m gathering testimonials now, so if you’d like to be part of that (with links back to your own websites!), please let me know. Proud and excited that this is all coming to fruition! This will also be part of the move toward launching a fiction career as well.

The name comes directly from my love of history. Since high school, I’ve been fascinated by Early Modern Italy and the Renaissance, and the Italian Wars, which led to specializing in military history of the medieval and Early Modern Periods and the M.A. in History.

Mercenaries, as soldiers of fortunes, fought as companies: the Company of the Rose, the White Company, and the Company of the Star, for example, as free lances. And, well, many writers are now known as freelance, so it’s clearly appropriate.

So, I do hope you’ll continue to follow along on this new quest of mine. The Call to Adventure has sounded, and it’s time to answer. (And yes, I’ll be continuing to write my own fiction as well, for those of you who’ve been so supportive of the current project—which features….what else? A band of mercenaries! Ciao!

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