Packing boxes seems surreal, especially in the middle of a semester where I’m working towards finishing my MFA, and yet, here I am. The good news is that we’re going to a bigger place, which means that the writing space I’ve dreamed of for years will finally be reality. (Nothing like the thrill of writing “office” as a destination on a moving box!) Still, this all happened so quickly, and if all works out, March 1 is moving day. There may be a bit of a delay, depending on a few factors beyond my control.

Of course, this is also not the easiest thing with all of my other responsibilities, trying to organize and toss things into the appropriate container. In between pedagogy homework, grading, updating course sites, answering emails, and of course, writing and editing, there’s also the job search. Graduation is in May. All of us in the cohort have to think of the future if we’re walking. One of my fellow grad students asked me if I was planning on applying for the Ph.D., and my response was, “I think I need a year off.” The idea of having to put my writing more toward the back burner again seems very wrong. The feedback I’m getting on my novel draft indicates that while there are things to fix, the story and characters are working. I want to finish the draft, edit it, polish it up like a diamond, and launch it out to the world. That seems far more relevant right now than committing to more courses and homework.

Then, there’s also the growing realization while combing all of the job sites, that there’s no fit, exactly. Many prefer Ph.Ds. If they are willing to consider MFAs, they quash the newly-minted with the request for “significant publications,” or offer the VAP (visiting assistant professor), or the permanent but discouraging non-TT position (non-tenure track for those of you following along at home). Fortunately, for an adjunct, I’ve done pretty well over the last seven years. I enjoy teaching and my colleagues’ company. And yet…it may be time to start a side business, diversify, in order to accomplish some of my writing goals. With my two degrees, I can and have helped other writers with historical research and editing, which leads me to see a possible path to bolster the teaching. So, that plus some freelance work and my own fantasy writing should help me to use what I’ve learned and help others.

A lot of transitions in the next few months. I’ll be posting content here, including some fictional excerpts to entertain people. If anyone wants to help with this process (and I thank you in advance!) you can buy me a coffee via Ko-fi at

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