Summer, Suddenly

2017 started slow, but time has really flown by this last month or two, especially while wrapping up the semester as a graduate student. Not to mention the mountain of grading (my day job is teaching history at the college level, so I’ve seen both sides of academic life).

Suddenly it’s summer. A day after handing in final grades, my first summer class kicked off. The second begins in four weeks. I’m halfway through the M.F.A. and on track to graduate in May 2018. Hard to believe.

In between coursework, curriculum prep and the novel, there’s also writing and submitting short stories. I’m even getting adventurous; I sent out some poetry today, something I haven’t done since high school. My best breakthrough was getting an idea during a phone call which inspired a piece of flash. Another story I’m finishing up came to me in a dream. Recently, a blog post online informed me that on average, authors find a piece gets rejected 12-14 times before acceptance. Which gives me a lot of hope as I pursue publication.

Happy Memorial Day!

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