Please forgive the month long silence. I appreciate all of you who take time to read these posts and like them. Teaching and taking classes have really pulled me away from blogging and writing on various projects. And now, the semester is rushing toward an end. The pages in the day planner are dwindling.

And, to help with long-term planning, I bought a 2017 planner this week, which is a record for me. Why? Because it feels like I’m at the crossroads and I need to make some key decisions about my writing.

The first thing I did was write (in ink!) the deadline for the Odyssey workshop. Odyssey lasts six weeks in the summer and is a HUGE commitment. There’s no guarantee I’ll get in, but it feels like this is the next logical step. The insights I gained from Viable Paradise have helped me become a stronger writer. Maybe even strong enough to get the green light from Odyssey. Only time will tell.



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