Follow Your Instincts

For my loyal blog readers, let me apologize for the long absence. Summer and fall classes have eaten up valuable writing and blogging time. The experiences have been good—new information and craft techniques, new points of view.

And one encounter really made me think. Another student insisted that fantasy was beneath my talents and would get me nowhere. Once she heard my business plan, she was stunned. She herself had not considered the process in great depth. Hopefully she’s now revising some of her earlier views. However, she also made me realize that perhaps some of my pieces would be better served going toward a more literary market since they’re not getting placed in the fantasy ones. So, it was a great discussion.

However, that made me realize how valuable it is to follow your instincts. We’re all on our own journey. What works for one doesn’t work for all. How do you tell if you’re on the right path? Well, here are some of the symptoms that seem to turn up for me when I deviate from the path:

  1. Resentment (Why do I have to spend all this time on X?)
  2. Apathy (Who cares? Why bother?)

But when there’s flow, and the path is clear, it’s more like this:

  1. Excitement (This is cool!)
  2. Flow (Wow, four hours already? It felt like ten minutes!

Playing into your instincts generates energy. So, no matter what your dream—don’t give up and keep listening to your instincts. As for me, I’m off to pack a suitcase for my audition only genre workshop….

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