Creative Chemistry

Creative chemistry seems to happen anywhere, anytime for me. Sometimes when I’m chatting with other writers, whether in person or through some of our amazing tech. Sometimes when I’m reading a book, fiction or nonfiction. I got a really crazy idea for a short story the other day thanks to some news articles. Dreams sometimes help me get through roadblocks. Sometimes as I’m zipping around in my car I get ideas. Especially on a fairly empty stretch of highway with some great tunes on. I actually keep some playlists for various characters around now. It really helps to get the creative juices flowing.

Sometimes, though, it’s just not the right time. Creative chemistry can’t be forced. As a fallible human, sometimes I have to accept that now is NOT the time. Things have to “bake” as it were. A perfect example is this one short story that has been coming together in bits and pieces since July. It just refuses to give up the ending. It’s fairly short, but for some reason, it’s taking forever. I have another one that is running a bit long, so I need to tighten it up, raise the stakes, and add more action. I know what I have to do, it’s just finding time to do it. The first story is nagging me, though. I really like it…but without an ending, it’s useless, no matter how prettily it’s written. It’s almost literary and quite a departure for me. Maybe in a few months, it will finally get the burst of creative chemistry it needs!


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