Scheduling Success

I began planning 2016 a little before the pages turned over. What can I say? My new calendar rocks! For some reason, paper and pen for to-do lists, planning and scheduling still makes me happy.

There are two major writing workshops I’d love to get into. Fortunately, their deadlines are several months apart. With that in mind, I’m submitting to the one that closes in February first. If that fails, then I go on to the next one. Realizing there will be lots of applicants, I’m already in full editor mode for the sample, and will send it in the day applications open.

The back of my calendar has room for to-do lists. Here I put the dailies and chip away at the monthly and yearly goals.

Thanks to a number of good friends, I’ve also been making Plan A, B, C and D so if A fails, it’s a simple matter to continue down the list. I’m committing to actually sending out to markets this year. Last year I dabbled. This year, I’m making a conscious commitment. Rejection slip? Send to next option on the list.

To make life easier, I keep everything in one place. You guessed it! The calendar.

One other thing I learned to add to productivity: try to keep a neat, organized desk. I didn’t realize how much mental energy was being sapped until I dived into the paper pile and tamed it!

How do you schedule for success?


(Pssst….if your new year isn’t going quite the way you’d hoped it would, you’re not alone. Check out my friend Talia Pente’s experience at:

2 thoughts on “Scheduling Success

  1. Thanks for sharing! Best wishes reaching your goals.

    Two things I do to increase chances of success:

    1. on an hourly basis, I try to do the highest-level goal and highest-level writing task I can handle. For example, writing a book is a higher-level writing goal than a short story, itself a higher goal than a kids craft activity; drafting requires more brain power than revising, or googling for fact-checking, or consulting a thesaurus.

    2. to make rejections more bearable, I chose a number I like: 7. Then I choose a treat I like: a small decaf latte. Then every 7 rejections, I treat myself to a latte.

    What’s your favorite number and treat?

    1. I would go with 10 (I like round numbers!), and my treat would be decaf latte as well, but also a scone or some little cake!

      It’s interesting see how others work. Some things are very similar. But no matter how, the important thing is that the writing gets done. It’s important to try for those high level goals first! It’s so easy to get lost in the minutiae of the daily grind…I tend to get distracted by housework since I write at home many days.

      Thanks so much for sharing your scheduling and organizational tips!

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