Tug Of War

I feel like I’m being pulled in so many directions. I have a lot to do and seemingly no time to get it done. Writing, editing, critiquing, researching, and let’s not forget teaching. It’s like I’m playing a cosmic game of tug of war with myself.

Today my body decided to turn on me. I awoke with a terrible neckache and headache. That sent me back to bed for three hours after breakfast. But…I’ve learned one thing. You need to listen to your body whether you like it or not. So, dutifully, back to bed I went. And it paid off. Everything cleared up.

Afterwards, I got to chat with a friend, finish the two poems for my Creative Writing class, read an article and get some preliminary work done on the research paper, and now I’m about to write/edit a little.

The things I should do versus the things I want to do—I think everyone can relate. It’s not an easy balance. At all. Yet, there’s something very valuable hanging in the balance. My writing. The thing that matters most and why I went for the MFA in the first place. So….time to see what stays and what goes.

I hope we all can win this tug of war of time we have with ourselves!

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