The Long Run

One week to MFA and back to my teaching responsibilities. Summer has been productive, overall.

  1. Attended Taos Toolbox. Saw writing in a whole new light and made wonderful new friends too.
  2. Wrote a short story at Toolbox. Since I’ve returned home, have edited it, got a personal rejection third time out, fixed it as per editor, and it’s now going out again. I hope it finds a home soon!
  3. Wrote a second short story, editing now and about to get it critiqued.
  4. Edited to page 100 so far on the novel.
  5. Plotted the first act of the sequel to the current novel (need to prep for Nanowrimo in November).

Still have a way to go to finish all my goals for the year, but there’s been progress.

Had a few conversations these last few weeks with other writers and got hit with the idea of legacy. What legacy of writing do I want to leave behind? Someone who wrote interesting stories with great characters? Someone who collected a huge check writing formulaic books that sold?

There’s nothing wrong with writing formulaic, especially if you have other mouths to feed. Ideally, however, I’d like to have great characters that people talk about after the book closes, and that were distinctive. I don’t see myself writing serious literary fiction, but I’d like my characters to resonate through the years. I’m in this for the long run.


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