Looking Around

A rare week off. You would expect me to be writing, right? No. I have been taking out lots of trash. Oh, and hoping I don’t break the paper shredder. It’s amazing how things accumulate!

The break finally gave me a chance to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while: actually try to think about my career a bit. I have been able to look at some things in magazines and books, such as contests. To see what magazines might be a match for things I have in the works. Now I see with fresh eyes some of the advantages I have by staying in one place so long. I’ve been able to grow a network.

In other words, I’ve had time to breathe and look around. I’ve been so focused on the day to day, I haven’t thought to plan.  Just react. Sometimes it’s good to take some time to regroup. High level thinking and all that. It is easy to become distracted by all the little things.

How about you? What do you need to do this week to breathe and look around? To make plans a month or three out? Perhaps actually carve out time to take that writer’s workshop or retreat you keep meaning to get to, but there’s never enough time?

Try to carve out some time, if even just twenty minutes this week. The change in perspective will amaze you!

2 thoughts on “Looking Around

  1. I went to a writers conference last week and it helped to motivate me. I got new perspectives on publishing and learned about how CreateSpace actually works. As a writer, I need this boost because sometimes I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels.

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