What’s Old Is New Again

I finally had a chance to look at some old manuscripts that I only had hard copies of. What a pleasant surprise! I found some things I could add to a new work. You never know what might grab your attention later.

It’s been a strange week. Buying jeans a size smaller was thrilling. But overall, the week seems more about visiting the past. How appropriate since it’s Women’s History month and my day job is teaching history. What’s old is new…again. I’m even contemplating a return to my alma mater. Now I’m applying for my terminal degree, the MFA. Okay, so that’s not history, but I’ve long felt pulled between my love of writing and history.  Best of all, I’ve learned if accepted, I’m eligible for tuition waivers. So, I guess it’s going back to go forward in some ways.
What can you recycle this week? What should you revisit and mine for gems? Perhaps an old story can gain some new life out of your filing cabinet or archived computer files. It’s amazing what happens with a fresh perspective.