Giving Up, Getting Back

I write a lot about how I am becoming a minimalist, but not why. So…here goes. In 2007, my body seemed to be falling apart. Eventually the doctor told me why: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The factor in my blood was off the charts.

I thought if you could put a name to it, you could fight it. Wrong. Being a virus, there was no medication. All I could do was take steroids for incredibly painful episodes, and not getting better led to stress eating.

I rearranged my whole life. I won in the sense that the virus went into remission after 5 torturous years. I am so careful now. I don’t want a relapse. Unfortunately, the steroids (and eating) packed on a LOT of pounds. Plus, a car accident made it difficult to exercise. It took a while to accept the new reality. I finally let go of my “thin” clothes about a year ago and moved on.
Two weeks ago, I noticed my pants were loose. So I faced my nemesis, the scale. I’d lost 24 pounds from my highest weight! In the last two weeks, I’ve lost 6 more, for a grand total of 30! So, minimalism now extends to me, too, I guess! It reminded me sometimes you have to let go, and when you least expect it, something wonderful happens. Once you give up wanting something, that’s when it usually shows up, unannounced.
What can you let go of this week? Items around your house? A story idea that’s not panning out right now? I’d encourage you to see what you can let go of this week, and tell me about it! I’d love to hear from you!

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