Flowing By

I write steadily, but I’m not the fastest. My best record ever is 11,000 words in about six and a half hours. That was during NaNoWriMo, so there was incentive to move. (Half price Scrivener mainly.) I was in that state experts call “flow.” To see more, here is an article by Kendra Cherry at Psychology Today’s website.

Flow is amazing. You’re so focused that hours feel like minutes. Lately, flow seems to be carrying over from my writing. Even things I haven’t enjoyed before, like marketing, has become easier. I just want to say, “More, please!”

It doesn’t happen overnight. Little actions build up and lead to this feeling. It’s really enjoyable to reap the benefits. A friend today said I had such an excitement about the new project. It made me feel like I’m finally learning what I was meant to do all along.

Some things which help get me flowing are a clean desk (feels like endless possibilities), a favorite song, or looking at something beautiful for inspiration. Concentrating on my breathing for a few moments can also help slow me down which lets me focus on the task at hand.

I hope you can flow in your writing this week. If you’ve never experienced this before, I hope this will be your time to do so, even if only for a few minutes. Once you’ve had it, you’ll keep trying to feel it again! So…flow.

4 thoughts on “Flowing By

  1. Tidy area, selected soundtrack for the moment, visual stimulations, and self-allowance to just breathe for a few seconds. Definitely sounds like a recipe for maintaining mindfulness and motivation. Thanks for the share and encouragement! 😊

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