Unfinished Business

Maybe it’s the weather and I want to hibernate. Getting started seems tougher lately. I still have things to pack up and donate. Forms arriving in my mailbox remind me that I have to go file my taxes….

Taxes remind me of other things to tackle. Documents to fill out, emails to send, and bills to be paid. Which leads to more questions about how to proceed. A group I belong to suggested we all try to find a word for the new year to encapsulate our creative goals. The word that keeps coming to mind is “professional.”

Being accepted to Taos Toolbox gives me the confidence that goal is within reach, as 50% of those who go through become pros. Not that I’m just sitting around. I’ve been reading books on craft and tweaking manuscripts. Ideally, I’d like to be a stronger writer between now and June. That way, I can benefit more.

Writing seems to be the one activity I can still muster up enthusiasm for. Now, if I could just get the energy up to put more stuff in the donation boxes……


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