Winter Blues Or Blahs?

Time to purge…again. Minimalism isn’t done in a day, that’s for sure. I’ve been at this for nearly three years now, and stuff still tries to take over. I’ve purged a bag of clothing and at least two pounds of paper today. That took me about an hour, then I gave up.

Since the last load has come back from the storage unit, it’s been easy to just keep pushing things off into the corners. Winter weather is definitely not helping. I’ve got a bad case of procrastination. I know I need to move. For one thing, I’ve got two boxes of eBay fodder. I need to put those items up for sale. I’ll need the funds for Taos Toolbox.

Winter blues or blahs, take your pick. Either way, the season is getting old. The cold, the wind, and the snow are slowing me down. I guess some sunny pictures for a new screensaver are in order for motivation!



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