Live In The Moment

I hope 2015 is my year to finally move forward. I’ve been gearing up for a new semester of teaching and dealing with clutter of all kinds—physical stuff, and now to get my schedule down. I’m trying to be conscious of living in the moment. I tend to dwell in the past as a history professor and in the future as a goal-setter.

Don’t get me wrong—I have a timetable for completing the first book, plotting the second book’s story arc, and querying agents once the first book has been vetted at the summer writing workshop. I know it’s good to have goals.

Right now, I feel inordinate joy at being accepted to Taos Toolbox. I am having a lot of fun writing my current project. I know I need to introduce another big character soon, and I also need to do some research for another storyline. Living in the moment is very nice right now!



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