More Stuff….

Stuff—it just shows up and makes itself at home. It gets comfortable and spreads out. It never wants to leave. It comes in one item at a time, so it seems benign.

Why am I talking about stuff, you ask? Because we’re still dealing with storage fallout. Four bins of books left our place…but there’s still more books. , Even I, bibliophile that I am, now feel snowed under. I want to keep this and that…and oh, look, another shiny thing, and then there’s that big thing….Stop. Take a deep breath. Okay, two bins of books assembled for another trip out. And I plan on doing more this week.

But how do we truly keep it under control? I don’t know, other than to keep after it. Once the books are under control, I’m going to go through other stuff. I have been told that I can have a desk or stuff, but not both. And as a writer, I really need a desk. Yes, I can sit on the couch with my laptop, but there’s something about having a dedicated space. For me, it says my work has value, and that I am a professional.

It’s been said good is the enemy of best. Stuff is good, but a studio (for me at least) is best. How about you? Do you need a dedicated space? If so, can you lighten the load to allow for one?

*Warning: Purging stuff can become highly addictive and lead to feelings of euphoria and well–being. Side effects include a boost in self-confidence, increased space, and spontaneous tossing of items into boxes or trash cans.*

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