MFA Daze

The last few months have been lived in a daze. I sent out two applications for the MFA. Prior to this, I had been so convinced I was going for my Ph.D. But funding did not materialize, and now I see it as a blessing in disguise.

I began writing fiction again as a way to deal with the frustration. I had always enjoyed writing. But a funny thing happened. I fell in love with storytelling all over again. It was difficult at times to relearn things, but rewarding. Other writers I met with challenged and encouraged me. When the second year came with no funding, it was easier to let go of the Ph.D. because I had a new love.

The MFA, some would argue, is a pipe dream. I want to be a better writer, though. I sent to two programs which seemed to be a fit for me. The first said “no.” But the second one said “yes” after an emotional roller coaster ride. Getting that large manila envelope with the acceptance letter was thrilling and I am over the moon!

The daze continues as I fill out paperwork to return to the school and rush off to apply for a passport. My first residency is in England in January!

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