Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Photo Credit: North Carolina State University


I feel like one of those old-fashioned aviators. You know who I mean? Those early daredevils with the goggles and stylish leather jackets. But look at the machines they flew. They didn’t have all the great gadgets our modern pilots have today. No, they flew “by the seat of their pants.” Because they didn’t know exactly where they were in relation to the ground, they had to trust to instinct and what they saw.

I’ve been doing the same thing in writing—taking risks, trying some new things. My plane is getting updated. I received some advice which could be compared to adding some switches and dials to my dashboard. But now, my plane needs to head into uncharted territory—at least for me. Hopefully, I won’t wind up like Amelia Earhart, lost somewhere!

So, I am fueling the plane, performing a pre-flight checklist, and getting ready to taxi down the runway. Destination? It’s a bit hazy, but I know which direction I’m heading in. Time to taxi down the runway!

Have you decided to set out into the wild blue yonder on your writing journey? How? I’d love to know!


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