I’d Rather Be Writing….Oh, Wait, I Am!

I try to write a little something every day. I do so many activities, but it seems writing is always last. And worst of all, sometimes when I’m writing, I’m actually not. At least, not what I want to. Grading rubrics, informational handouts, short pieces for class information, emails, and of course, the occasional editing favor for a friend.

Sometimes, with no inspiration at all, I write to write. Like a musician playing scales. A necessary part of what we do, but not necessarily first choice. And yet, the other day, I learned the plodding slowly, oh, so slowly, is finally paying off. I was told, “Your minor characters are interesting, even though they’re in the background.” YES! I nearly eliminated a few seemingly throwaway gestures and lines of dialogue. Glad now that I saved them.

I keep hoping as I follow a more regular schedule that inspiration will suddenly strike between one paragraph and the next. But if it doesn’t, I’ll keep stringing words together until I make something beautiful out of them!


2 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be Writing….Oh, Wait, I Am!

  1. Yay for writing whenever about whatever!

    (if you want a wee bit’a inspiration, i do a weekly prompt on thursday’s on my site. y’know, if you wanna.) 🙂 xo (deb from ze clubhouse)

    1. I think I may take you up on that—usually I just work on the next scene in the progression, or jump around a little when inspiration strikes…but that might open up something new entirely!

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