The art of rejection…as a writer, we all need to learn it. But oddly, there are different levels of rejection. There’s the flat out “No.” Then there’s the “We regret to inform you” or “We’re sorry to say that….”


But there’s an odd thing about rejection. It seems it’s actually a fine art.  The longer the rejection and more personal, the closer to yes you’re actually getting. Someone told me a story recently about a magazine which was known for its sarcastic rejections. The more sarcastic the letter, the closer you were to getting accepted.


In a way, minus the sarcasm, I’ve had this experience. I took a long hiatus before I returned to writing. I sent out two applications this year for the first time ever to writing workshops. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, while I did not get in, I received two very long emails from the coordinators. Both gave me great feedback. One invited me to attend a shorter fiction workshop, but that’s not what I’m looking for at this time. The other, the one I really wanted, invited me to apply again next year. I was also told something that really surprised me. Most of those who get in have applied several times.


So, I figure I’m better off sitting this year out and honing my craft. I’m more pumped up now than I’ve ever been and have big plans for next year. But to achieve them, I’ve got goals for the here and now.


Rejection is not the end. Sometimes, with the right attitude, it can be the beginning of getting to the next level. Keep writing. Keep dreaming, Keep working. Don’t give up.

2 thoughts on “Rejectomancy

  1. Attitude is everything, as they say 🙂 And you can use the feedback you got to take your writing to the next level. I got so much…um…feedback about my earlier attempts at writing and in following it all, have become a much better, more confident writer. Happy writing!

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