Darkness Cannot Win

2013 overall was not a wonderful year. And it seems that way for a lot of other people I’ve spoken with.  A large portion of the year, it seemed like a truck ran me over and I couldn’t get back up. It seemed like it would just be easier to lie there and do nothing. But I realized I needed to get up. We all do. If we give in to despair, then the dark side wins. And if there’s anything we fantasy lovers know, is that the darkness cannot win. Gandalf has to stand firm against the Balrog. The Dominator* cannot re-enter the world and plunge it into endless despair. I can go on, but you get the point.

So, in your own personal story, don’t let the darkness win. Be the protagonist. Take back the light, even if it’s just the equivalent of lighting a candle. Don’t let it stop burning. Feed the flame. I have decided that for 2014, I will NOT stop dreaming, wishing and hoping. But, I will also make sure I keep trying to turn those things into reality. Fantasy is wonderful, and I love to read fantasy novels—but turning fantasy into reality is sweeter yet! Chase your dreams!

*If you haven’t already, check out Glen Cook’s The Black Company series for more about this good vs. evil vs. lesser of evils saga.

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