Why I Write

I write because it is a compulsion. I write because it is a way to see exotic locales. I write because it is my chance to get inside the mind of someone who thinks very differently than I do. I write because I literally cannot stop myself. It is hard to read something without wanting to edit it if the proofreader missed something. I write because I can think of no other pastime that is so gratifying…or challenging.

I don’t write for riches. No, this is purely for love, since compensation comes slowly if at all. Nor do I write for attention in this internet/social media saturated age. Finally, despite wanting, when the novel is done, to get it out there so others can experience the world I’ve discovered, I realize that will be a long, uphill battle.


So, I write because I cannot stop myself. Ideas do not stop flowing. Characters for some reason seem to seek me out, wanting their stories to be told to the wider world. And, as best as I can, that is what I do. For that is why I write.

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