Time to Get Personal

I haven’t been writing much this week. If you’ve seen my Tweets @DianaDavisWrites you may have noticed I have spoken about losing myself in Jim Butcher’s latest Dresden novel, Cold Days. But that’s not entirely why. There’s other “stuff” that’s been more pressing and left me no time to get to the keyboard for very long. Let’s just say that sometimes bad stuff happens to us or to family members, and writing gets put to the back burner.

I also bought the first book of the new trilogy by Brent Weeks. I may be losing myself in that one later this week too. I don’t want to get too personal here, but thanks for indulging me by reading. That’s not what this blog is for, though. I saw it as a way to connect with others with similar interests in science fiction, fantasy, and writing.

Oh, and did I mention coffee? I had an awesome latte with white hot chocolate and hazelnut coffee today…..So, if the blog posts don’t come so quickly for the next week or two, please don’t judge me too harshly. Sleep is overrated, right? That might help get my writing back on track, if I can give it up!

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