From Playlist to Productivity

I tried an experiment last night, and was surprised at the results. Usually I try to find a quiet place to work, or put some banal TV show on in the background while I either edit or frame a new scene for the novel. I suppose I should thank my spouse for playing the Xbox a bit loudly. Oh, and he was also chatting with his cousin on the headset–but said cousin is on another continent, so that wasn’t so bad.

Originally, I was going to do some class preparation, but realized I could not focus with all the noise. So, I thought, I keep saying I’m going to work on the novel. For the last five days I’ve done everything but. Time to put my time where my heart is. But how? The constant repetition of the semi-automatic crossbow, and the dialogue coming from the TV were, to put it mildly, distracting.

What’s a writer to do? I decided to stick in earphones and turn on my iPod. I found by choosing certain songs to go with the content of a scene which has a great deal of conflict, I could get into the mood of the moment and almost feel like I was there with the character, rather than being simply being a fly on the wall recording the moment. Quite heady, actually. I know it’s going to need to be edited, but it was a step in a new direction and I cranked out six pages (2,200 words), in about a two hour span. Not bad. Not bad at all. I have to remember this for next time.

3 thoughts on “From Playlist to Productivity

  1. I use this technique as well!!
    I’ve actually created separate playlists for each of the stories I’m working on, and different sets of songs within those playlists depending on what emotion is in the scene I’m writing.
    So fun to hear about someone else’s experience with it!

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