Starting and Finishing

I seriously keep thinking of a vampire that faints at the sight of blood. How long would they live? Days? Years?  Just some silly thoughts.  And yet….isn’t this how all books start out? An idea or an image that flashes in the eye of our minds? And then we start to put pen to paper, or fingers to keys, and we’re off.  That first rush of inspiration is so exciting, so heady. We feel empowered as we move feverishly to flesh it all out.

And then, we begin to slow. Maybe we find a roadblock and after throwing ourselves against it for a while, we get frustrated. Oh, sure, we might make a few attempts, maybe work on another section, but then we hesitate. We set it aside, maybe start something else. And, before you know it, that work is sitting in a file. Out of sight, out of mind.

Finishing is hard. And yet, in its own way, it can be far more satisfying than that heady rush at the beginning. That moment of quiet satisfaction. The “ah-ha!” moment. The weight of the world comes off our shoulders, and we can breathe. And best of all, we can then go shop that manuscript and send it into the world.  Our voice can be heard.

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