Learning Curves

In order to progress from having an idea to dragging it kicking and screaming into reality, action is required. And so, thus, you often find yourself on some wicked learning curves. Now I’m spending as much time reading about the publishing industry as I am about writing. I earned a writing degree, and have some years of experience, but I still want to review.  I don’t want to miss something.

The publishing industry is interesting. I’ve been exploring a lot of different sources to keep up with what’s going on out there.  Once my novel, Sons of War, is done, I’m going to query agents.  However, I accept that it may very well be a self-published work since the market makes publishing houses very cautious.  I can’t say I blame them:  who wants to spend a fortune on advertising with a complete unknown and then not recoup it?

So, I’m spending a lot of time checking out the self-publishing aspects. I’ve met with others who are self-publishing, and they’ve been generous with time and advice. I’ve also read through a number of sites for those who say they will help—for a fee. And maybe that’s where the real money is in this publishing revolution–offering information to the public for fees that vary drastically.  You may not get what you pay for.

Speaking as a writer, though, I think this is a fabulous time to be working.  There are so many avenues that are now open to get your work out there than there were in the past, and great stories need to be told.  Great stories will always need to be told.

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