Fall Down Seven Times…Get Up Eight

The title is an ancient Chinese saying. Lately, events from my life seem to fit this idea.  In Falling From Grace, if you look back, I did actually fall.  Fortunately, the bruises are healing well!

If you find yourself “stuck” and have fallen in your project somewhere, don’t give up!  Get up, brush yourself off and push forward.  Keep sowing seeds and see what sprouts.  Some of my “seeds” have taken and now I’m picking up some freelance work that I’m very excited about.  Just a few days ago, it did not seem possible.

Networking, brainstorming, and just trying to look at things in a different way can also help.  You shouldn’t do this to the exclusion of all else, since your writing will suffer, but sometimes just walking away for a short amount of time can energize you so much!  Get back on your feet!

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