Walk Away….

Okay, I gave up on the opening hook for now.  Sometimes you’ve just got to walk away.  Get perspective.  So…now I’ve pushed on to other scenes and found that the attention I’ve given them is far more rewarding and I think will shore up things that my beta readers asked questions on.  More exposition through dialogue, for example.  Setting up new characters to take their rightful place in the novel’s firmament and be supporting stars.

Finally, I was also able to begin to break the manuscript apart in a more linear fashion, which will enable me to move individual scenes around if I see there’s a problem with the flow.  It will be far more visible now as a timeline.

And then…the dreaded epiphany that has me both excited and terrified.  I also need to publish non-fiction pieces for my “day job.”  I haven’t published in two years.  Sitting in the office today, wading through my work projects, and then, like a bolt of lightning out of the blue–I realize that I need to do research and get an article together.

I have plenty of excuses.  I need to focus on A,B, C and then of course there’s the novel….but maybe this will give my career a much-needed boost.  Since I’ve walked away from an idea that I entertained a year ago, perhaps I will find it much better now that I’m about to pick it up again.  If not, maybe I’ll at least get some ideas to incorporate into the novel?

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