There was little writing action today, despite having more free time than usual.  Part of the issue might have been because it was to edit the opening scene and I was feeling some self-induced pressure.  I’ve been hearing a lot about developing a “hook” to reel in the reader.  I trust my creative vision, but do I have this hook?

My opening scene lays the groundwork for the rivalry between the protagonist and antagonist.  They are only sparring, but it’s painfully obvious they don’t like each other.  So, plenty of action.  I’ve got them kicking, punching and exchanging verbal barbs.  But…is it enough?  One of my beta readers mentioned a particular phrase was very striking, and it sets the tone well.  So, I moved it up to the opening line.  Then I went over the first page for some time, and feel there’s little to show.  Am I indulging my perfectionist tendencies?

Action is vital, but it needs to be balanced against exposition, character development and world building.  And maybe this idea of a hook isn’t necessarily something flashy.  Maybe a well-turned or descriptive phrase is enough to draw a reader in?

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