Worldbuilding…and Conflict

Clearly if you’ve been reading the blog, you know about my love for Tolkien.  I also love Jim Butcher, Brent Weeks, Roger Zelazny and C.S. Lewis.  And yet, as I read through How to Write the Breakout Novel, I am seeing why I love them.  The worlds are real, tangible.  The stakes are high and grow higher.  Characters have to make difficult decisions that mean in the end, someone will lose.


And tonight, thanks to a great brainstorm session with my co-author, another way to build the stakes.  I have my conflict much more defined now.  I must confess, I hate conflict.  I prefer to avoid drama in real life.  But wait, this is a novel.  So…conflict is good.  Conflict propels the plot and gets the readers to hold their collective breaths, sit up and take notice.


I have my villain, and now I have to get into his head and revel in being bad.  I guess I better go over to the iPod and make a playlist…do I start with “Bad to the Bone” to get into the mood?  Any other suggestions for a villain playlist?

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