Inspiration vs. Perspiration

Inspiration is well…fickle.  But when it arrives, you can’t get enough.  You write and the time just sails by.  It’s glorious.  You are merely a conduit for the words spilling out on the page.  And then—inspiration leaves.  She gathers up her things and before you can say “thank you ma’am,” she’s already vanished.  No fanfare, no long goodbye.


Then there’s perspiration.  You stare at the blank screen.  You wrestle with every word and want to just throw the computer up against the wall.  “You’re a writer…..yeah, right,” the inner critic snarls as you stare at a mere three paragraphs.  And yet….if you keep going, soon you have a page.  Then two.  Then ten.


Guess which one I prefer?  And yet, they’re both necessary.  For without perspiration, inspiration would never be as sweet.  And without perspiration, projects would never get done.  So as I fight with metaphor, the perfect turn of phrase, and description, I keep reminding myself that the end result will be worth it.

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